Complete transformation of business processes from RUBICON


The company Furniture technologies

One of the leaders of the Ukrainian market for the sale of high-quality components and case materials for furniture production, from the leaders of the European market.

  • Illustration

    Project manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

  • Illustration

    Аккаунт-менеджерAlex Yanko

    4 years of experience

The Challenge

We faced several key tasks: To implement a system of communication between employees and communication of managers with clients, to develop and implement a simple system of control over work with partner clients in accordance with the company's model and to implement a mechanism for recording and processing requests from partner clients.

The solution

For successful implementation, it was necessary to clearly and unambiguously define and formulate the goals and desired results of the implementation, as well as the ways and solutions by which they will be achieved. Therefore, for this purpose, briefings were held with the company's management and the person responsible for the portal from the customer.
For coordinated and effective work in CRM, first of all, we have configured access rights and roles. The next step is to set up directories, create fields and customize the appearance of entity cards. After that, we proceeded to the creation and design of lists of necessary for managers to work with partner clients, and fixed these lists in entity cards.
Next, our project manager developed the business processes necessary for the operation of this functionality in the lists and the corresponding CRM entities. Especially interesting was the development of additional business processes for the work of the reminder functionality (such as customer birthdays, etc.).

The result

Thanks to suitable solutions and appropriate settings, the company's employees received a convenient and useful tool for working with clients, team communication, analysis of the current situation and forecasting for the future. Managers now receive reminders about key activities, which allows them to focus their attention on current affairs, rather than constantly searching through their customer base. Thus, the organization and unification of work with the base is achieved. The implementation of the main specific methods of working with the company's clients with the help of lists with business processes, which are fixed in the company's card, allowed to satisfy the client's requests as much as possible, simplify the work, control and make it comfortable for employees. The management, in turn, received a tool to control and analyze the company's work in the interface they needed. And the chosen model of implementation of this functionality allows its modernization and expansion.
The best result is when the customer is satisfied with the cooperation more than even expected.

Продукти та послуги

Development of technical specifications;;CRM setup;Integration with lead generation sources; Automation of business processes;
Training in the use of the implemented tools.

Client's feedback

After implementation we asked Furniture technologies for feedback.

«The result of our cooperation with the RUBICON team was our revived Bitrix. The portal on which it became convenient for us to work, a great tool that we were able to master and customize as much as possible. Since managers now have a powerful and convenient system for working with clients, communication within the company very quickly and naturally moved to the internal channels of the portal, and video calls are just great. It became much more convenient to work with the base of our clients, and I can see all the clients of the company and draw conclusions about the success of the enterprise, the ability to flexibly segment and filter them, as well as to record and not miss important dates, events and appeals from them significantly increased the loyalty and desire of partner clients to work with us. Because they like our approach and organization of interaction. In the end, the system has become simpler, prettier and more convenient. We thank RUBICON for their approach, for their help, for always being in touch!»

Andriy Zavalnyuk

CEO of the company Furniture technologies