Automation for currency exchangers



GARANT company is dealing with the sale of currencies in Ukraine.

    Клієнт: GARANT
    Industry: Currency exchange
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Project manager
    Vladyslav Bilozub

    4 years of experience

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    Account manager
    Vladyslav Bilosub

    4 years of experience

The Challenge

- Create a single space for communication of company employees (both in the office and remotely)
- Create a unified system for setting a number of tasks for employees
- Create a system for sales control in the context of each cashier and manager
- Integrate internal systems with Bitrix24

The Solution

As the system was deployed on the client's server by the company's administrator, the next step was the basic configuration of the portal and activation of the necessary portal modules.
The next step was to create the appearance of the portal in accordance with the corporate style of the company, setting up directories, creating fields and cards of entities and setting up their appearance, creating directions of transactions, their configuration and interconnection.
Further, there is automation of directions (funnels) of transactions - creation of robots and business processes. The application is being written, which is integrated with GoogleSheets and transfers data to the universal lists of Bitrix24 every 30 seconds.
After that, our specialists customized notifications and prepared the necessary reports. Reports, as well as Google Sheets, were displayed in the deal card as a separate menu item.
When the main part of the portal was ready, we conducted a full testing of the implemented functionality.

The Result

As a result of our comprehensive implementation, all the tasks were solved. Employees of the company received a convenient and modern system, with a large list of possibilities for controlling sales and other work processes.
Thanks to the corporate portal function, employees from different departments and cities can communicate with each other in a single system.
Employees received a single storage (Disk) for storing various types of documents.
Implemented an application that transfers data on exchange rates from the Google table to Bitrix24, which reduces the calculation at times and contains a history of changes in exchange rates.
Standard notifications were changed to custom ones, which allows you to respond to important messages faster.
The management received the necessary reports, which previously could not be done without the CRM system.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications;
CRM settings;
Integration with lead generation sources;
Automation of business processes;
Creation of a custom application that transmits exchange rates;
Training in the use of the implemented tools.

Client's feedback

After implementation we asked GARANT for feedback.

«We are satisfied with the work with RUBICON integrator. The project manager was always in touch, even on weekends. The work was done quickly. I like the company's approach - they know the answer to almost all questions about IT and advise.»


Project manager