Automation of rent of photo studios and academy


Interior photo studio inLight

inLight is not just a photo studio, it is a company that includes 4 separate but related projects:● Studios - Interior photo studio with 2500 sq.m. of creative space suitable for all types of shooting.● Events - The halls of the photo studio can be used as a venue for a party, event, or celebration.● Production - Full-cycle production studio.● Academy - Your photo school based on the most popular photo studio in Ukraine.

    Client: inLight
    Industry: Photo and video
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Project manager Vladyslav Bilozub

    4 years of experience

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    Account manager
    Viktoriia Pavlenko

    2 years of experience

The Challenge

The inLight company began to scale rapidly, the number of halls for rent in the studio increased, with the increase in space, costs increased, and efficiency became difficult to maintain. And something had to be done about it.

The solution

The solution was to implement a comprehensive product for managing business processes and customer relations based on Bitrix24.
Our team worked out the client's request in detail, modeled and optimized the company's business processes and developed the project concept in the form of a technical task. After approval of the task with the client, under the leadership of Vladislav Bilozub, the technical team with the accounting system contractors began work on the implementation. Among the interesting features of the project is the wide automation of almost all areas of activity: Studio, Academy, Production, Events, etc., as well as three-way integration of hall calendars between the website, CRM, and accounting system. During the project, the accounting system contractor had some difficulties, which caused some delays, but thanks to the quality work of the project manager, everything was fixed, and the result was achieved! Upon completion of the technical work on the implementation, our team trained inLight employees for the correct and quick onboarding to the new system.

The result

As a result of our comprehensive implementation, all the tasks were solved, namely, the efficiency of work increased, transparency of processes appeared, automation removed a large layer of routine work, which positively affected the productivity of employees. And this will allow the company to continue to scale and increase its profits.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications;
CRM setup;
Integration with lead generation sources; Integration with the accounting system; Automation of business processes; Custom integration of hall booking; Training in the use of the implemented tools.

Client's feedback

After implementation we asked inLight for feedback.


«With the RUBICON team we were able to achieve the right balance in the negotiations and started the implementation very quickly.
Impressions from the team itself are great! There is always communication and suggestions for how to realize our tasks as efficiently as possible. We were very happy that the main goal of the team throughout the project is to make a quality final product for all our requests!»

Danil Haluza

Head of inLight Academy