Automation of work processes for production


Production of furniture 

Interia is a Ukrainian manufacturing company founded in 2012 by Yevhen Paliy. The studio (showroom) is located in Kyiv, production in Chernihiv.
The main direction is the production of upholstered furniture, namely sofas (including armchairs and poufs) and beds. It is also possible to purchase other interior items, such as coffee tables, consoles, paintings, chairs, mattresses. Almost all products are made to order. Quality of products, service, meeting deadlines are the dogmas of the company.

    Client: Interia
    Industry: Production
    Location: Kyiv, Chernihiv, Ukraine
  • Illustration

    Project manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

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    Account manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

The Challenge

The client's request was excellent. He immediately knew what he needed. We faced a specific task: to optimize and automate work processes for managers.

The solution

An integral part of the process of preparation for the implementation of any project is the analysis of existing processes, needs and requests of the client. After analyzing them, we were able to understand the purpose and goals of implementing a pre-selected CRM system in the company's processes. Since the main goal of the portal implementation was to accelerate and simplify work processes, several automation prototypes were developed and their presentation and approval were performed. After selecting the automation scenario, it was worked out in detail, collected the necessary materials and prepared for implementation.
The first step was to add employees to the portal (for their adaptation in the new communication system) and set up directories, fields and appearance of CRM entities (deals, contacts and companies). When the database was ready, we imported the contact database into the system, optimized and segmented it.
Then our specialists proceeded to create templates of documents for generation. Taking into account the need for managers to work quickly with these documents and taking into account the large number of documents in one package, with the need to preserve the numbering of the contract in all documents, as well as various options for payment formats, we implemented advanced automation aimed at generating the entire package of documents in one click. Also, there was a need to create an individual product with reference to the types of goods, that is, depending on the selected type of product, it was necessary to fill in only those characteristics that are relevant only to the selected type of product. For this purpose, automation based on smart processes and a self-written processor were created, which allows to create an individual product item and link it to the target deal.

The result

Traditionally, the results of the project can be evaluated in the context of the company as a whole and the manager as a separate role. The company received a system for communication and work with tasks, the ability to get away from the dominance of messengers and the tone of emails, to distribute areas of responsibility, to establish and optimize work processes. The implemented automation significantly saves the manager's time, which was previously spent on preparing a folder of documents, and the structured and unified processes not only minimizes the possibility of errors, but also implements more convenient control for managers of both projects and the company as a whole. The head of the company received a convenient tool for monitoring and analyzing the state of processes in the company. This allows him to manage his time more effectively and develop his business.

Products and services

Розробка технічного завдання; Налаштування CRM; Інтеграція з джерелами лідогенерації; Автоматизація бізнес-процесів; Розробка самописного застосунку; Навчання користуванню впровадженими інструментами.

Client's feedback

After implementation we asked Interia for feedback.

«The result of our cooperation with RUBICON was the discovery of a new modern tool to simplify and improve the work of the company. This is not my first business and I understood the importance of proper automation of routine work. It was in this search that I met RUBICON. We quickly found a common language and I realized that I could trust them with this work. At the moment, my team has received a system that allows you to quickly and conveniently work with a fairly large package of documents, generate them in one click and understand exactly that the history of documents will be securely stored, as well as communication with our customers. Managers can devote more time to communicating with clients rather than filling documents. And I, as a manager, am calm for the correctness of the documents they prepare and for the timing of their provision to customers. Now, having put things in order in the first link, we can focus our attention on production and automate processes to simplify the work of these departments.»

Yevhen Paliy

CEO of Interia