Optimization and adaptation of production processes


COOKIETONE biscuit factory

COOKIETONE biscuit factory is a company specializing in the production and sale of homemade biscuits. The history of the company began in 2012. The concept of COOKIETONE is that they have already gone beyond the production of cookies, their philosophy has touched the atmosphere of home, hospitality, family traditions.

    Client: COOKIETONE
    Industry: Production and trading
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Illustration

    Project manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

  • Illustration

    Account manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

The Challenge

We got acquainted with COOKIETONE at the stage when it has already started to scale, so the challenge was to help the young and ambitious team not to lose their enthusiasm and realize all their goals, namely: to integrate the system with 1C, optimize and adapt the company's internal processes.

The solution

The best way to prepare for the project, we determined the format of a large meeting of all departments and a separate personal meeting with the owner. At the meeting we analyzed current problems, processes and typical mistakes. Next, we modeled new business processes of the company, held a working group on their optimization and fixed the algorithm of automation of these processes in the form of bpmn diagrams. As usual, the next step was to write a detailed technical task. When all the terms were fixed and agreed, we could proceed directly to the implementation.
Due to the choice of the boxed version of Bitrix24 for the implementation of this project, the first step was to install the Bitrix24 distribution on the HostPro VPS hosting. Portal import was deployed. Then the basic configuration of the corporate portal was carried out, with the activation and configuration of all necessary modules and systems: telephony, mail, open lines, as well as checking the server performance and stability of its work. Given the conditions and deadlines, these priority settings were necessary for the further work of managers with clients, despite the move. Setting up managers and checking all their work accounts and interfaces is an integral part. Then integration with the client's website was carried out to transfer applications to B24. Then there were two parallel processes: integration with 1C and setting up new funnels for the most comfortable transition to the new process.

The result

Migration to the boxed version of the portal was quick and as invisible as possible for users. The expanded capabilities of both the boxed portal itself in terms of functionality and the possibility of its customization were immediately appreciated by users. Since in addition to the migration to the box, we also set up new directions and configured the existing ones, as well as integrated with 1C and the new site, we were able to achieve a wow effect for the client. New funnels and adapted actions are much more fully in line with current work processes, and integration with the site and 1C has greatly simplified and accelerated the processing and execution of customer orders. The management is now unlimited in their plans for further development and scaling of their business.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications;
CRM settings;
Integration with the accounting system;
Automation of business processes;
Training in the use of the implemented tools.

Client's feedback

After implementation we asked COOKIETONE for feedback.


«Our journey with CRM began with the RUBICON team and continues very successfully.
All our ideas and whims to improve the work in CRM were successfully implemented thanks to the professionalism and indifference of partners. We always get an answer to every question, every bug is fixed and we have never lost confidence that we have chosen the right people to work with on improving and supporting CRM Bitrix24.

I would especially like to thank our Manager Alexey, who is in touch, even in emergency moments, sometimes at very "indecent" times. He knows the answers to all questions, and if he does not know, he knows where to find them. For immersing herself in the intricacies of food production, and always tells when, what and how best to do to prevent losses of time and money.

With great gratitude, from the most faithful partner COOKIETONE.»

Oleksandra Goryaieva