CRM for automation of the enterprise


Company for the supply of electrical goods

El Komplect is a member of the association - an union of independent European companies in the field of wholesale supplies of electrical goods, which includes more than 250 companies from 19 countries.

El Komplect was founded in 1998. During this period, they have established themselves as a reliable supplier of the entire range of electrical products. Today the company is one of the leaders in the electrical market of Ukraine. Certified products, lowest prices and warranty service thanks to official distribution relations with many European and Ukrainian manufacturers.

    Client: ElKomplect
    Industry: Trading
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Illustration

    Project manager Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

  • Illustration

    Account manager
    Viktoriia Pavlenko

    2 years of experience

The Challenge

Optimize the work of the company, establish routine processes that could simplify the work of employees.

The solution

The solution was to customize the client's existing CRM-system - Bitrix24. After communications and meetings with the project manager, it was decided that we would start working on improving the directories. This will help employees to use all the benefits of the system more efficiently. We made standard settings of the portal, finalized working groups and calendars. After the above described work, live training was conducted for staff and management.
During further work, the client's request increased, which led to certain improvements of the system, new automations and integrations with other services.

The result

As a result of our settings, all the tasks were implemented, namely, the efficiency of work increased, automation relieved managers from unnecessary routine work, which had a positive impact on the productivity of employees. All implemented processes had a positive impact on the general mood in the company and we are confident that the optimization of work processes will lead to further development of the company.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications; CRM setup; Integration with the accounting system; Automation of business processes; Training in the use of the implemented tools.