Automation of medical laboratory


Medical laboratory IMD Lab

Institute of Microbiological Research, a medical laboratory with advanced technologies, which ranks first in microbiology:
● Research accuracy of 99.9% thanks to modern equipment
● Media and equipment of the world leader BioMerieux (France)
● The only mass spectrometric identification of microorganisms in Ukraine

    Client: IMD Lab
    Industry: Medicine
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Illustration

    Project manager Vladyslav Bilozub

    4 years of experience

  • Illustration

    Account managerVladyslav Bilozub

    4 years of experience

The Challenge

IMD Lab began to develop rapidly, which led to the need to optimize internal processes and establish interaction between managers and clients.

The solution

The solution was to implement a comprehensive product for managing business processes and customer relations based on Bitrix24.After analyzing the request, our team offered a comprehensive solution in the form of implementing the Bitrix24 CRM system.
Before starting the project, we delved into the specifics of our client's business, because medicine is a delicate and very specific business :)
The RUBICON team has drawn up a clear technical task, according to which we moved on. Having finalized the external branded appearance of the CRM system, we moved on to the internal settings, including: created a convenient company structure, user groups with appropriate access rights and individual automation processes.
Automation has been configured inside the funnels "Ordering tests", "Notification of non-compliance", "Questions to the BM", namely: notifications of laboratory and call center employees to the Bitrix24 chat, as well as to the mail during the creation and closure of the process. We also set up automatic creation of template tasks for quick processing of each transaction.
We also connected third-party applications that increased the efficiency of the company: telephony, Telegram, Viber, Google services and mail.

The result

The result was the full implementation of all the wishes of the client. The work of managers and employees of the call center has become much easier and more automated. The problem of overdue tasks and calls disappeared. Everyone works like a well-oiled machine.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications; CRM setup; Integration with lead generation sources; Automation of business processes; Training in the use of the implemented tools.