CRM-system for serial sales departments of the developer


Investment and construction company KADORR Group  

KADORR Group also includes Kadorr Agro, Kadorr Media (Kyiv Post). KADORR Group is well known in the real estate market. The developer's cases include a variety of objects - cottage villages and residential complexes, shopping and business centers, restaurants and fitness clubs. The company pursues a broad social policy in the areas of medicine, education, culture, ecology and social support of citizens.

    Client: KADORR Group
    Industry: Real estate
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Illustration

    Project manager Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

  • Illustration

    Account managerAlex Yanko

    4 years of experience

The Challenge

- Implementation of a convenient and functional tool for the work of the real estate sales department;- Selection of a system that should include a marketing block with settings and marketing analytics;- Automation of business processes;- Automation of the sales process for maximum attention of the manager to the client, and not to routine processes;

The solution

We found the solution in creating a new portal and basic configuration of the CRM system. The project manager created and configured entity fields, rights and roles, portal design, directories, appearance of entity cards.
The next step was the creation of leads, transactions and their further automation - the creation of robots and business processes. The solution is also useful because it creates reports for the manager (marketing, in this case). After preparing the main part of the portal, we conducted a full testing of the implemented functionality. After the successful delivery of the project, our specialists prepared a training course for the client in video format.

The result

As a result of our comprehensive implementation, all the tasks were solved, namely: the sales department of KADORR Group received a convenient tool for working with clients and sales, and marketing received a convenient system for controlling and managing marketing activities and lead generation. The heads of these departments now have convenient reporting and can monitor the state of affairs in real time.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications; CRM setup; Integration with lead generation sources; Automation of business processes; Training in the use of the implemented tools.