Creating a multipurpose space for employees



Tornum develops and produces tailor-made solutions for the grain industry and farmers, from single products to turnkey projects, all over the world. Our core business has always been drying technology, but over the years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge in cleaning, aspiration, storage and transportation of grain. By providing expertise in areas such as project management, monitoring and installation, Tornum has become one of the leading suppliers of complete grain facilities in Europe.

    Client: TORNUM
    Industry: Agricultural sector
    Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
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    Project manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

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    Account manager
    Alex Yanko

    4 years of experience

The Callenge

TORNUM contacted us with a request, which was supplemented even after the start of implementation. The main need of the company was to create a universal workspace for employees, both in the office and in the field. We needed to provide the client with tools for managing their own projects, as well as managing resources, including those employed by the company's partners in other countries.
Our specialists were tasked to create processes for control and accounting of sales, service and customer management processes, as well as to develop a clear and simple time management system.

The Solution

The first step was to deploy the distribution on the company's dedicated servers at the data center of the company's head office. The next step was to perform basic configuration of the corporate portal, activate and configure the necessary portal modules and disable those that will not be used (to improve system performance). After that, it is necessary to perform system checks with built-in monitors and tests, and calibrate the indicators for stable performance and optimal system operation.
Then our specialists moved on to work in the public part of the portal, namely: creating the appearance of the portal in accordance with the terms of reference and corporate style of the company, setting up directories, creating fields and entity cards and setting up their appearance, creating transaction directions, their configuration and interconnection. The next, but no less important, step was the automation of deal directions (funnels) - the creation of robots and business processes. After that, we prepared specialized reports for the management.

The Result

Employees of the company received a convenient and modern system with a large list of opportunities for project management, sales control and other work processes. Each of the company's areas of activity has been brought into a separate direction, which allows you to differentiate the activities of different departments and track performance indicators and existing problems, both in the context of a specific direction and in general.
A project control system that informs the head of the company about problems with deadlines and reports on the status of sales. This allows the management to keep a finger on the pulse of the company constantly and flexibly manage the workload of specialists who, based on the specifics of the work, are often involved in projects of the company's representative offices in other countries.

Products and services

Development of technical specifications;
CRM settings;
Integration with messengers;
Integration with the accounting system;
Automation of business processes;
Training in the use of the implemented tools.

Client's feedback

After implementation we asked TORNUM for feedback.

«It is very convenient that we had a single messenger for communications with RUBICON. Time and project management in this company is definitely on top!

I especially liked the availability of automation, as well as a training course in video. This greatly simplifies the adaptation of new employees in complex company processes.»

Oleksandr Holod 

Project manager