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Smart implementation

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Many companies are faced with the problem of weak involvement of managers in quality work in CRM, which a company is unable to see, which leads to a weak launch of CRM, and very weak results that do not always meet expectations. Smart-implementation is a combination of technical and consulting CRM implementation that eliminates this problem through assistance in adaptation for managers, constant monitoring of the quality of the system, and analysis of sales data.


CRM settings

Increase the efficiency of the sales department

Nowadays, a quality sales department simply cannot be effective without a CRM system. The human factor has not been canceled, and as practice shows, most managers forget about at least 20% of their cases and customers if they do not use CRM. A system customized to the needs of each specific business helps to increase sales by an average of 29%. 


Automation of processes

Increase the productivity of your employees

Most of the CRM systems offer the ability to automate the routine processes of the sales department. So why not to take advantage of it? Automation of processes allows to increase the productivity of managers, as it saves them from tedious routine work, allows them to focus on really important things, not to waste time on unnecessary things, and as a result - to sell more. 



Let's simplify adaptation to the new tools

Not many people will doubt the idea that you can ride a bike 10 kilometers faster and easier than walking. But you had to learn to ride a bicycle once, although it was probably very simple. It's the same with a CRM system: you will almost certainly achieve your sales goals faster and easier, but first you need to learn how to use it. And this is exactly what we regularly help our clients with.


Support and consulting

We will help to grow you constantly

Is it possible to constantly increase sales results due to CRM? Definitely - "Yes"! We have cases of increasing sales by 300% and even 1000+. To do this, you just need to systematically and correctly analyze the data collected by the system, draw the right conclusions and implement changes to the processes to achieve continuous development. This is not an easy task, but we love to help solve it.

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