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Why do you need to automate processes?

Business automation can help to transfer routine tasks and their accounting to services and applications to make all processes more transparent and controlled. If the company has a large amount of information that cannot be processed manually (or with existing automation tools) (we do not have time, we make mistakes, staff costs are high), then automation is the way out. 
You need to understand the business processes that take place in your company. To identify and describe them, it is enough to answer the question: "What and why do you do inside your business to make it profitable?"
The majority of CRM systems offer the ability to automate the routine processes of the sales department. So why not to take advantage of it? Automation of processes allows to increase the productivity of managers, as it saves them from tedious routine work, allows them to focus on really important things, not to waste time on unnecessary things, and as a result - to sell more. 

Automation stages

Modeling of business processes

Systematic business management begins with setting goals, formulating the organizational structure of the company, determining the areas of responsibility of each employee, writing clear job descriptions and building a communication system. To model business processes, a system of notation and their description is usually used - BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).

Description of business processes

It is essential to analyze and map in detail all the processes related to your field of activity. It is important to identify weaknesses, adjust processes where possible, improve activities and provide feedback to customers and employees, define roles and form KPIs, and bring all the above processes to automation.

Implementation of automation

After defining all the key points and agreeing on each process which will be automated, we proceed to the automation process.
Since the basis of any business is sales, they should be automated first of all. Obviously, manually issuing 10 invoices and issuing 1000 invoices with one click is not the same thing. After all, by issuing invoices automatically, the company gets time to solve a number of other important tasks.

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