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What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence is a set of practices and methods aimed at understanding the structure and characteristics of the client's company, as well as identifying its needs and developing options for solving the problem. 
The inspiration for the creation of this service was another analysis of the results of our customers who use the services of CRM-administrator and Quality Control, and their growth due to additional analysis and recommendations from our side, compared to customers who use CRM quite standard.  

Business intelligence includes


Implementation of PowerBI

It is a comprehensive business intelligence software that focuses on interactive visualization to create custom reports and dashboards.


Analysis of the company's current work

We check and record the current results of your managers for correct further work and analysis. This is the starting point for future reports.  


Preparation of reports 

We prepare reports analyzing the conversion and performance of each of your managers. This helps to make further decisions on the effectiveness of this or that approach.


Regular review of results

We track the involvement of managers in CRM, the correctness of their work, the quality of leads and other indicators, and then analyze them.   


Improvements based on analytical data

It is hardly possible to imagine a modern IT project without business analysts: they are the link between the contractor's team and the customer. It is much better when a business analyst is already in the staff of your contractor! With the service of a business analyst, you will definitely not be able to stand still and not move on to the goal.

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