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We will be with you from the very beginning and throughout your journey in the CRM world

Our company is not concerned just with technical settings, but exclusively with individual solutions, so that as a result the client receives not just a "sales machine", but a real reliable partner who will support and develop the client's business. 
The RUBICON team is your reliable partner from the selection of a CRM system to post-project consulting. We do everything to make your way and interaction with CRM as convenient and effective as possible. 


Selection of CRM-system

Our specialists carefully study the features of your business and give expert advice on the system you can choose.
However, you can always contact us with an existing CRM system. For our part, we will do everything to ensure that you get the most out of the product you purchased. 

Writing a technical task

Writing a technical task is one of the most key stages of implementation. It is then that we determine what kind of settings will be made.
Writing the TOR is accompanied by communication and meetings with the client, so as not to miss a single detail.  

Basic CRM setup

After we have decided on the system and described all the processes - it's time to move on to the basic settings, namely:Setting up the necessary funnels;Creation of fields (if possible and if necessary);● Automation of system processes;Setting up access rights;

Integration with CRM

After we have decided on the system and described all the processes, it's time to move on to the basic ones. In addition to the direct functions that are present inside the CRM system, we integrate with third-party services to make your use of the system as efficient as possible.
A unified space for the implementation of tasks is what we strive for. 

Custom settings

Some CRM systems can be modified by "code", that is, to create something that is not yet in the system, but I would really like to ;)
However, it is worth noting that it all depends on both the chosen system and the client's request. Each case is individual. We discuss such issues at the start, during the selection of the system.

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