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What is Smart-implementation

Smart-implementation is a completely new approach to the already familiar issue of CRM-systems implementation. Its main difference from the classical CRM implementation is the shift of emphasis from technical settings to consulting, from a highly configured but complex system to a simple system that is used by the entire sales department.

The inspiration for the creation of a new service was another analysis of the results of our customers who use the services of CRM-administrator and Quality Control, and their growth due to additional analysis and recommendations from our side, compared to customers who use CRM quite standard.

The main value that we want to give to our customers with Smart-implementation is to get the maximum result from the implementation with minimal budgets, due to the maximum involvement of sales managers in working with the CRM-system.

How does it work?


Identifying needs and setting goals

When you contact us for Smart implementation, the first step is to determine the needs of your business and outline a clear implementation goal in accordance with which the entire process will be built.


Analysis of company processes

Having analyzed the processes, we immediately form an understanding of which system is best suited to achieve the goal, considering the specifics of the company, as well as the concept of what exactly needs to be configured in the first release of CRM.  


Setting up the system

At the third step, the task of our team is to configure the minimum necessary functions of the CRM system and integration with external resources in accordance with the needs of your business and the goal of implementation.


Checkpoints and analysis of results

Due to the revised metrics, we will track the involvement of managers in CRM, the correctness of their work, the quality of leads and other indicators, analyze them, and analyze them with you so that each time you can make small improvements and progress towards the goal.      


Improvements based on analytical data

One of the biggest mistakes of CRM system owners is the lack of data analysis, but the biggest one is the lack of changes and improvements after analysis, especially when the results leave much to be desired. With Smart implementation, you can hardly stand still and not move further towards the goal.

We have combined our best practices and many years of experience in the implementation and administration of CRM systems to give almost guaranteed results in increasing sales with CRM.

Spartak Polishchuk, founder of RUBICON



1-5 співробітників


Basic CRM setup

Setting up a sales funnel

Importing data from an old CRM

Basic training

Training materials

Personal checkpoint meetings


6-10 employees


All from Standard + 

Integration with website and telephony

Simple automation

Training for CEO

Personalized training materials

Involvement control


more than 10 employees

€1 000/month

All from Business +

Integration with Facebook Lead Ads

Small custom integrations

Advanced automation

Training on commands

Personal support of 3 TOPs

Do you want to get more from CRM implementation?

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  • Is the payment monthly?

    Thus, the Smart-implementation format involves working for at least 3 months to achieve the desired results, educating managers in the habit of working in CRM and doing it correctly, and the manager to analyze all available information, draw the right conclusions from it and adjust the sales processes accordingly.

  • What exactly happens after setting up a CRM system?

    Then there is the involvement of your managers to work in the configured CRM, analysis of their activities from the first days of work in the new system, as well as a checkpoint meeting with the robots of the information received, recommendations for improving the situation and plans for the next period. 

  • Why should it work?

    It depends on the involvement of managers in the first days and weeks after the implementation of the new CRM whether the project will "take off" or not. Also, the quality of analytical data on the basis of which it is possible and necessary to draw regular conclusions for the further growth of the company will depend on the involvement of managers and the correctness of their CRM system. And many beginning entrepreneurs and even experienced managers do not always have an understanding of what exactly affects the final result of sales and how to influence it with the help of CRM. Solving these issues always gives positive results, but the Smart-implementation service, or the classic turnkey implementation + CRM administrator service, is designed to help solve them. 

  • Do you have discounts?

    Yes, there are discounts depending on the term of the agreement. Thus, for the conclusion of the agreement for 6 months there is a 10% discount, and for a year - 20%.

  • What if I have concluded a long-term agreement, but your plans have changed?

    Don't be upset, our Smart-implementation service agreement, as well as other "package" services, provides for early termination of cooperation with a refund for unused services. 

  • Can I use this service if I already have a CRM - system?

    In general, yes, but there are several limitations. This service is provided only with conditionally "light" CRM-systems, such as Pipedrive, NetHunt, Bigin from Zoho, and KeyCRM. This is done in order to get the fastest and easiest adaptation of managers to the system. Other systems can be considered on an individual basis.