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CRM is implemented, what next?

It is important to remember that a CRM system is not a magic pill, so it will not give you the desired result by itself.

That is why it is important to keep in touch with your employees to get feedback on what they can't understand or what is missing in the system.

Of course, it is necessary to receive feedback and operate with data, but not always the manager has enough time for this, which is why the "Support" post is needed.

Sometimes it happens that the client needs something more than analysis of the system. This is where the "Consulting" service comes to the rescue.

CRM support 

Permanent contact

With the support service, your team gets the confidence that any issue with the CRM system will be resolved as soon as possible.

The only support

By applying to us, you will definitely not receive a recommendation, such as contacting the developer. We will decide everything ourselves.

First-class specialists

We are not in the habit of passing technical support to our new colleagues. Be sure that the real professionals are working on your issue.

Flexible rates

If you order support from us, you can choose one of the available packages or request as many hours as you need.


Get the most out of the CRM system with us

Monthly meetings - discussion

Monitoring the work and results of the CRM system is not just our observations or reports. Every month we are going to meet with you, analyze, make decisions and improve your business.

Improvement of CRM operation

Tracking the CRM system will allow you to make point changes that will increase the efficiency of managers and increase the profits of your company.

Recommendations in resolving internal issues

How to prescribe sales regulations? How to motivate employees to work in CRM? We will provide expert recommendations.

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