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Training after implementation. Why do you need it?

Few people will doubt the idea that you can ride a bike 10 kilometers faster and easier than walking. But you had to learn to ride a bicycle once, although it was probably very simple. It's the same with a CRM system: you will almost certainly achieve your sales goals faster and easier, but first you need to learn how to use it. And this is exactly what we regularly help our clients with. 
Our team has a rule that absolutely every implementation ends with training. We have not even faced objections from customers in this regard. The one who made the decision to implement a CRM system in the company, understood for sure that not all employees will be able to painlessly switch to work in the system.
For our part, we not only teach employees the functionality they need, we convey to them the value of the product and the tool they receive, because without understanding the value it is unlikely to matter what benefits CRM will provide to employees.


Types of training

Online training

Appropriate for companies from any part of the world! All you need is a stable Internet connection.Our specialists will prepare adapted material that will interest your employees and make the learning process extremely comfortable and effective for your colleagues.

What is included:● Training of employees via Zoom, Google Meet● Recording of training videos                                                         

Offline training

Perfect for companies located in Kyiv and the region (although sometimes we are ready to come even to Kharkiv). Our specialists will prepare adapted material for each of your departments, organize an individual approach and an atmosphere that will make the learning process as comfortable and understandable as possible for your employees.
What is included: ● Preparation of individual adapted material  ● Arrival of a specialist to your office 

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